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Analytical service

We collaborate with the best specialized laboratories to offer our customers a high-quality analytical service. The analyses allow us first to determine the initial situation of your feed mill or farm and thus recommend the most appropriate solution for your case. Subsequently, we can monitor the effectiveness of the proposed treatment or nutritional strategy and adjust it if necessary.

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Autovaccine service

To provide complementary solutions to our nutritional tools, we also offer an autovaccine sales service (available in some locations only).

Autovaccines are an individualized immunological medicine, elaborated from pathogens and non-viral antigens, obtained from an animal or animals of the same farm, inactivated and intended for the treatment of that animal or farm.

Autovaccines are indicated to prevent and treat those bacterial diseases for which there are no commercial vaccines or these are not effective, contributing to the reduction of the use of antibiotic treatments.

They are exclusively designed for each farm and can include several strains. They can be a solution in cases of serotype-specific immunity, since they include the serotypes present in the farm for which they are intended. An exceptional veterinary prescription is required for their production.

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