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MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives is the export unit of Grupo PH-Albio (Barcelona, Spain). PH-Albio started its activities in 1989. Our objective is to provide effective, competitive, and practical tools to face the challenges of animal production and to help our customers to achieve the best possible results with total guarantee of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

We develop and export to more than 50 countries around the world nutritional supplements and veterinary therapeutic solutions to maximize the health and performance of animals.

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Our international team of experts in exports and in the different production systems selects those tools that will provide the greatest added value to our customers, helping them to achieve their goal of producing efficiently, safely and profitably.

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Providing a personalized service to our customers by working with them in identifying the most appropriate solutions in each case, through expert advice and agile service.

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We offer solutions that have a positive impact on health, performance, and animal welfare, with minimum environmental impact, which has a positive impact on the sector and final consumers.

Our Products

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We have a wide variety of nutritional tools created for feed mills, farmers, engineers, zootechnicians and veterinarians to support them in their hard work.

One of our specialties is the work with phytogenics, bioactive compounds of plant origin that have extremely interesting properties and that allow us to develop, for example, programs to reduce the use of antimicrobials or other drugs. Given the new legislative restrictions in the European Union and other countries around the world, phytogenics have proven to be a valid strategy to achieve a drastic reduction in the utilization of drugs in food animals and to produce food of animal origin in a safe, efficient, compatible with what today’s society demands and ecofriendly way.

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