MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives, S.L is a company that develops and exports veterinary medicines, raw materials for feed, nutritional additives and premixtures for livestock production. Our company has a strong export profile and it is present in several countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.


Our MISSION is to provide competitive, efficient and practical products to our clients aimed at solving and treating the daily problems of the livestock production with a total guarantee of QUALITY, SAFETY and EFFICACY complying with the legal requirements in every case.

Our VISION is to consolidate our activity and to expand our presence in countries outside Europe and the United States of America. We work following the next values:


Integrity, providing reliable information and offering the client the most suitable product according to his needs.

Adaptability, lending a personalized service to our clients working with them in the identification of the most appropriate solutions in every case.

Professionalism, selecting those solutions that benefit the animal and the final consumer.


For the compliance of this Policy, the cooperation of all the employees is essential. They must know its content, comply it and be convinced of the need of continuously improve the customer service.