• MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives, S.L. develops and exports nutritional additives and pharmaceutical products for animal production.


  • Established around Barcelona (Spain), it is currently present in more than 30 countries.


  • MPA is the international unit of Grupo PH-Albio, which started its activities in animal health and nutrition in 1989 in Barcelona, Spain. 


  • It offers different ranges of innovative nutritional additives such as phytochemicals for enteric microbial and Coccidia control, solutions of high concentration in amino acids and vitamins, antifungal and mycotoxin adsorbent, enzymes, hepatoprotective tools, for heat stress control and hydration, antiinflammatory and antipiretic supplements, among others. As pharmaceutical product, it has a special protected phenoxymethylpenicillin, Fenoxipen V, with 1 day of withdrawal period.


  • Creating COMPETITIVE, EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL products, focused to solve daily problems in the animal production sector in a frame of QUALITY (ISO 9001), SECURITY and EFFICIENCY.