MPA Veterinary, Medicines and Additives, S.L is a company which produces and commercializes nutritional additives and pharmaceutical products for veterinarian industry.

Our company has strong experience in exportation issues due to it is present in several countries of Europe, Asiea, Africa, America and Oceania.


Our production and regulatory departments are in Lleida (Mevet Laboratories), and offices are in Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain).


Mevet’s production plant develops the key products of our business, always following strict quality standards, EU GMP. The company started in 1992 mainly for the manufacture of drugs used by the Vall Companys group the areas of pig and poultry production.

Vall Companys group is the european leader in pig production and one of the top five in poultry production, with a facturation of 1.109 million Euros in 2011.


Being part of the group, provides us an overview of the real needs of animal production sector. The success of the company is based on the cooperation of the field team (veterinaries) and R+D+i group, both working together to obtain the best results


Creating COMPETITIVE, EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL products, focused to solve daily problems in the animal production sector in a frame of QUALITY, SECURITY and EFFICIENCY.